My name is Andrew Bauer and I am an English Teacher in Kansas. I’ve developed several areas of interest over my life and while in college (which was fairly recently) I worked for the student newspaper in various capacities as well as played in different percussion ensembles through the music department.

I grew up primarily in three different states: Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. I have two brothers, one older (Matthew) and one younger (Michael), and I spend a few evenings a week talking with them on the phone. As for my parents, my dad is a Lutheran pastor and my mom is an elementary music teacher. My brothers and I spend a great deal of time irritating them. It’s become somewhat of a pastime for us and we pretty much do it whenever we’re all together, which is seldom anymore since Matthew lives in Texas and Michael is still in college.

I’m married to Christina, who is a high school special education teacher. After two years together, we became engaged, and I still view that decision as one of the smartest things I’ve done. We attended separate schools, so we had to make the whole long distance thing work, but the fact we’ve been able to overcome that obstacle makes me feel very secure in starting a new life with her. She is by far the funniest, most lighthearted and smartest person I’ve ever known. She’s also an incredibly hard worker, which balances things nicely since I should be doing work as I write this.

As far as interests go, I read quite a bit but also like sports (basketball, football and soccer), politics, television and video games.


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