Posted by: abbauer10 | April 18, 2013

Sporting Kansas City vs the Arrowhead Days

On Saturday, April 8 2012, I and my wife and brother saw Sporting Kansas City dominate the Los Angeles Galaxy. It was our first time seeing Sporting KC in its new stadium, and hearing the more than 20,000 fans supporting the team showed us just why KC has arguably the strongest team in MLS.

The last time we went to a game was back in the team’s “Wizards” days at Arrowhead Stadium. While the experience was pretty neat, there were still some definite drawbacks: Your eyes were always drawn to the thousands of unfilled seats in the gigantic stadium, making the team and the league look weaker than it was. The noise level was also pretty low; the open design of the stadium, coupled with its huge size, made it feel like you could hear a pin drop during corner kicks.

My younger brother, Michael, also saw the Wizards at Arrowhead. He avidly follows the English Premier League and loves soccer more than almost any other sport. While he loves soccer, he just couldn’t take that game seriously. He began to groan about the time the cheerleaders started to pretend this was just like a football game. (The cheerleaders are now gone).

One thing I remembered about that original trip, though, was seeing just how young all the fans were. You go to a baseball game and probably 60 percent of the fans there are over 40. However, at soccer games it feels like it is the other way around. I would like to think that the average age of the fan base translates into greater longevity for the league.

MLS is doing fine now, and even during the horrid Arrowhead days, there were signs of potential.





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